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Spy Demo. 2vs2, 2fort

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Spy Demo. 2vs2, 2fort

Post  Communist on Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:00 pm

Was sending this demo to Careface and he mentioned that I should post it on the forum.
It's of me playing spy a few days ago, on TKO server, had a little 2v2 going on.
Was myself and drake against two guys from {POS} clan.
It starts on the second round of the demo.

Pretty much flawless play

to play a demo

Communist [ESG]: you need to put it in your tf folder which is probably in C:/Program Files/steam/SteamApps/*accountname*/team fortress 2/tf, and then open tf2, open the console using tilde (~) key, and type playdemo *demoname*. If the console doesnt open you need to go to Options>Keyboard>Advanced and check enable developers console.

Other cmds, enable sv_cheats (sv_cheats 1) - demoui or demoui2, thirdperson, cl_drawhud 0 or 1, stop
(Comm441 is the demoname)

edit: the demo wont play anymore unless you have the right outdated version of tf2, fyi.

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